Like I said, this section is for those of you who need a little accountability. Nothing wrong with that at all. I perform much better when others hold me to a standard. It’s just human nature.

The Primal Leap - 30-Day Weight Loss Program
In addition to the books Mark Sisson sells as part of his Primal Blueprint product line, he also has a 30 day weight loss program call Primal Leap. Mark understands the challenges of individuals trying to lose weight from fad diets and severe exercise regiments. He also understands the difficulties individuals face making the switch from “normal” diets to the paleo diet. He’s been there-I’ve been there-if you haven’t been there, you will. Watch his video and check out the description to see what all comes with the program. As with all the Primal Blueprint products, Mark offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.


The Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book is exactly what it says it is. It offers up a concise guide from start to finish including a breakdown of Paleo foods, helpfulĀ  guides, meal planning, and recipes.


PALEO PLAN The guys over at offer a monthly coaching plan to help you get started and stay strong with Paleo eating. They plan your meals, your grocery lists, and give tips for saving money (such as minimizing food waste) I haven’t personally tried them, but their site is very well organized and it seems as if they are selling a very useful service. Check out their site for more info and pricing.

This is a program developed by integrative medicine practicioner Chris Kesser. Chris specializes in holistic medicine and strongly believes in the healing powers of the Paleo Diet. The price of the program might be a bit steep for some ($350), but it’s up to you to decide whether or not it is worth it. I personally have not tried or even spoken with Chris, but I stumbled upon his site one day and thought it would be worth sharing with my readers.

One last interesting resource I came across is the Natural Diet Plan While not Paleo specific, the guidelines are in line with Paleo thinking (don’t eat junk, eat real food, conventional wisdom is Bologna) Just to make sure the program is bonafide, I signed up as if I was going to buy it to see the video, the author’s arguments, what you get, etc. As far as I’m concerned, his arguments are legit. It has a 60 day money back guarantee and a price point of $47, so you don’t anything to lose, except weight, hopefully.

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paleo diet plan November 13, 2013 at 7:19 am

I cannot believe that I have wasted sso much of my life in poor hdalth just because of myy poor

Discovering the Paleo way has had a remarkable effect onn my life – I have experienced massive weight loss but more
importantly for me I feel beter than ever.

I have to say that since eating Paleo the the weight
loss hass been significant.

Not only have I lost weight around my abdomen,
which is probably wht everyone wqnts to acheive, but I
really feel far more energetic – I don’t have the allergic reactions, especially sinus or heavy head & I have so much more energy.

I am so convinced that this diet is the one that is responsible for my dramatic weight loss & improvement in health that it will take a lot to convince me that I am wrong.

I’ve been on it for only a few months but I amm definitely
not going back to eating carbs, gluten or grains anytime soon.

Try it, your body wikll lve you ffor it.


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