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To your health, Greg “Caveman” Parham

Don’t Stop Get It Get It!

by CavemanGreg on April 16, 2014

My Tiny House business is finally booming! Spring is here in Durango Colorado. Life Is Good. I have some big adventures planned for this summer, and they are going to require me to get in the absolute best shape I have ever been in. I’m always in pretty good shape just maintaining a Paleo diet and lifestyle, but it’s time to take it the next level.

I have been researching functional strength training. Having a sexy physique is nice, but performance is paramount. I’ve been watching a  lot of crossfit videos on youtube. It’s amazing all the different tools and methods that crossfit athletes employ. It’s also amazing what these people can do! I’m not at all saying you should go out and join crossfit, although if done properly you will likely get ripped and have super strength.

There are great lessons to be had from studying this form of training though. Truth be told, I would probably try to work in a program or piece of equipment for you to purchase into a blog post so I can get a small commission off that sale. I would never push something I didn’t think was worth the money, but this go round is different. If you are like me, you don’t have tons of money laying around for all that stuff and you’d much rather do a workout outside on your terms with found objects rather than going to gym.

So, I’m finally putting together a post with resources pertaining to my “Caveman Gym”. It is going to describe tools you can find or make for next to nothing. I might reference sites that are selling cool equipment, but only for you to get an idea how you can use your homemade version just as effectively. This post will not be for everyone. It will be aimed at those who are already in decent shape but want to change it up and get in really good shape.

I am pumped to get strong as a raging bull this summer, and I hope you are excited to follow my lead as well. Stay tuned!


Where Is Caveman Greg?

by CavemanGreg on June 23, 2013

I get a lot of emails and comments asking whether anyone is even running this website anymore. Understandably so! I thought I would take a little time to catch everyone up on my happenings, as well as future plans for this paleo resource.

Summer is here in Durango, Colorado. I’ve been doing all sorts of fun outdoor stuff-mountain biking, hiking 14er’s, kayaking and rafting the Animas River, taking some weekend trips to other cool Colorado towns, sleeping outside every night, playing with my dog Rocco, and hanging out with good friends, to name a few. Life is pretty good. Summer is my favorite time of year in this corner of Paradise. If this was all I was doing, I would still have quite a bit of time to put into this site. What most of you do not know is that I have actually just started a new small business, with rather lofty goals promoting rather tiny means of living. Today, I am proud to share with you my greatest endeavor to date, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

I first caught wind of the Tiny House Movement about two years ago. I knew right away that owning my Tiny House would be one of the biggest steps I could take in my quest to live more simply. Living simply is a big part of the message that paleodietandliving.com aims to provide its readers. Beyond the obvious benefits of saving money and freeing up time, it is my strong opinion that living simply greatly increases one’s health, both physically and emotionally, so it is only fitting that  I should get involved with a business concept such as this one.

Even though Tiny Houses are relatively affordable, I wasn’t in a financial situation where I could buy or build one at that time. However, I began taking steps to make the dream a reality as soon as I could. I busted my ass on other jobs to get my debt paid down as quickly as possible. I started learning everything I could on Tiny Houses. I began designing my own tiny house. Somewhere in all of this it occurred to me that I not only wanted to own my own Tiny House, but wanted to make a living making Tiny Houses for other people! The seeds of the new company were hence sown and I began my efforts to germinate those seeds!

Things really started picking up in March of this year. I sold the house that I owned in Austin and with those proceeds was able to become debt free, quit my job, and start this new business. I haven’t looked back since. The first Rocky Mountain Tiny House model, appropriately dubbed “The Durango” is now just a few days away from being complete. It will not only serve as my comfortable abode for the foreseeable future, but will also be the model house for interested clients to come and check out (if you are close to Durango, or need a another good reason to vacation here 😉 )

When I’m not busy working on my own Tiny House, I have been busy with all of the behind the scenes stuff, which, if you are a small business owner, you know is A LOT of work. While I do have the website up, it is more of a placeholder at the moment. I’m drafting and editing pages like crazy, you just can’t see them yet! Then there is stuff like tax filing, corporate setup, insurance, marketing, etc. etc.

Almost all of my energy has gone into this new project, so it is no wonder not much has been going on with paleodietandliving. I would like you to know that I truly am sorry, and at my core, I miss writing new posts and content and keeping up with the Paleo blogosphere. This in itself is a ton of work, and someday when the dust settles I will return to this site and pick up where I left off. In the meantime, I am answering emails and comments. Maybe not the same day they are sent to me, but hopefully within a week’s time. There is nothing that I value more from this website than the questions of my readers, whether it’s a question about getting started on the paleo diet or some super crazy technical question about phytates in legumes, I do the best I can to answer it.

Thanks for checking this site out and hanging around. If by chance you are interested in a Tiny House from my new company, please shoot an email to greg@rockymountaintinyhouses.com . My target price for an average level house is about $35k-much better than a $260k mortgage! I am looking forward to the future!

Greg Parham, owner


Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, Inc. 


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